Her mother is gone and her father is mad. Princess Arikovna must flee her home to save her life, but the world outside her kingdom is a dangerous place. She must learn to survive in the wild, make magical friends, and above all, defeat the powerful witches' association. Her only support is a castle servant who is bewitching in his own way. A tale of a girl overcoming thrones and sorcerers to reunite her family.

Princess Arikovna is a finished manuscript. I am currently seeking representation for this novel.

Pharaoh's Daughter

Hebeny, a princess of ancient Egypt, is always in the middle, trying to keep the peace. What makes matters difficult is the boy she loves, who is always falling into trouble. Hebeny wants to keep him safe, but in the house of Pharaoh there are many powerful people. To protect him, Hebeny must choose between her family and her friends, between her friends and her beloved, and between her beloved and her gods.

Pharaoh's Daughter is currently in draft.